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Founded in 2019, ROKUA Skincare products are manufactured for men, under strict and high quality standards in the Nordics. Our natural and highly active ingredients are from Nordic nature and formulated from the highest quality domestically-sourced


ROKUA Skincare

ROKUA Skincare develops and manufactures products that meet the consumers needs and build an interactive, responsible and appealing brand designed to create well-being for consumers and to take care of the environment with responsible and ecological choices and practices.

1% of ROKUA Skincare turnover is donated to our environment. In 2022 our partner is WWF, with whom ROKUA Skincare works to protect the Baltic Sea.

Name of the Brand

ROKUA Skincare

Rokua is a national park located in the municipalities of Muhos, Utajärvi and Vaala, in Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland. The park was founded in 1956 to protect the valuable habitats and terrain of the Rokuanvaara habitat. The park is especially famous for its unspoilt bearded fabrics and the glacial formations of the ice age.

The Rokua area is part of the Rokua Unesco Global Geopark, together with the Oulujokilaakso and the Niskanselkä areas of Lake Oulujärvi. The sites of the Geopark network are geologically unique sites where geology has been integrated into tourism and education.

ROKUA Skincare


ROKUA Skincare founder Jari Niitynperä has over 20 years of experience from consumer goods business. For a long time he worked as a director in a big company manufacturing cosmetics and household products, but eventually he wanted to create something totally new.

“All cosmetics brands and skin care products were designed for women. Men’s skin is about 25% thicker compared to women’s and it requires a different composition from skin care products. At the same time, men are looking for brands that feel like they were designed for them, with scents, composition etc. that fit their identity. The traditional mind-set and preconceptions about masculinity have changed, and nowadays instead of being a manly man, everyone can be exactly the kind of person they want to be”, says Jari.

ROKUA Skincare

“I wanted to create a good quality skin care brand for men, which is easily approachable, environmentally friendly and made with ingredients from the Nordic nature. The scents are mild and fresh and the products leave the skin feeling good and refreshed. The best part about creating a new brand has been the absence of compromises, as even the smallest details have been executed as planned.”

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ROKUA Skincare ROKUA Skincare ROKUA Skincare ROKUA Skincare

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