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Chemical company specialised in R&D and production for the cosmetic industry


  • Three business units dedicated to cosmetic ingredients, actives, concentrated emulsions
  • Manufacturing facilities designed to offer maximum flexibility and manufacturing capability constantly expanding
  • Vocation to technological innovation
  • Labs and technical expertise: R&D lab, QC and microbiology lab, cosmetic formulation lab with sophisticated equipment
  • Green philosophy as a milestone of product selection (Ecocert, Cosmos, Natrue approved products)
  • Concern for environment and commitment to sustainability (Fairtrade, RSPO certifications)
  • Scientific marketing to monitor market trends and satisfy consumers expectations
  • Skilled regulatory affairs specialist
  • Worldwide sales network

Products Overview

  • Emulsifiers for O/W and W/O systems, peg-free (EMULPHARMA)
  • Mild surfactants from natural origin and high performing solubilisers (RESASSOL)
  • Water soluble vegetal oils (RES PLANTA)
  • Ingredients and concentrated emulsions for wet wipes (RES4WIPES)
  • Functional ingredients (PANTROFINA)
  • Concentrated emulsions (RESCONCEPT RESCONCEPT SUN)
  • ECOCERT, NATRUE,COSMOS, FAIRTRADE and RSPO certified ingredients

Pantrofina Skin 360: a universal skin care active for face and body care. Pantrofina Skin 360 provides a multilevel action for the protection against the ageing processes: Antipollution protection, Superior soothing effect on sensitised cells, improvement of the Collagen I synthesis, stimulation of the energetic metabolism.

Resplanta: Water soluble oils. Resplanta ingredients enhance a wide range of formulations by delivering the attributes of the starting vegetal oils. They are perfect for use in aqueous formulations to transform the product performance.
Resplanta BABASSU is a non-ionic water-soluble ingredient that allows incorporation of Babassu oil into formulations. It adds emolliency and has foam-enhancing properties in cleansing formulations. Resplanta MAC is a non-ionic water-soluble ingredient that allows incorporation of macadamia oil into formulations. In cleansing products it enhances oil-removing properties without breaking the foam.

Resconcept: Resconcept are extremely stable concentrated emulsions that can be used as frame emulsions for the productions of skincare and suncare products.

Resassol Ultimate: Next generation PEG-FREE, natural solubiliser. Resassol Ultimate allows the sensorial transformation of skincare and haircare formulations, and the ability to achieve novel textures and application properties. It is also an effective stabiliser in dispersion-oriented formulations.

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