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Sytheon Ltd. is an active ingredient supplier/innovator for the personal care industry since 2006. Sytheon headquarters is located in the US and its European affiliate is in France. Sytheon Ltd. is a well-known and respected innovator supplying the personal care industry with a unique range of proprietary and patented active ingredients. Sytheon is a technology-based customer-driven company and its core advantage comes from strategic partnering with global personal care companies. Markets in the US, Europe, and rest of the world are being served by Sytheon directly or through country/region specific distributors.


The four key value-drivers at Sytheon Ltd. are: Safety-Performance-Differentiation-Stability.

Sytheon owes its success to innovation, adherence to sound-scientific principles and customer service.

Every active ingredient in the Sytheon portfolio is “Built for Performance” and clinically proven to deliver healthier skin.

Each ingredient possesses strong product characterisation and is produced under GMP Guidelines to meet tightly controlled product specifications.

Furthermore, Sytheon produces its products following principles of green-chemistry with minimal impact on the environment and the smallest carbon-footprint possible.

Sytheon develops and offers a wide range of proprietary active ingredients that are scientifically and clinically validated for improving the health and beauty of skin.

Key Personnel

Dr. Ratan K Chaudhuri
Founder, President & CEO

Francois Marchio
COO & Managing Director
Sytheon France

Technologies / New Products / Patents

Sytheon develops and offers a wide range of scientifically and clinically validated ingredients for improving the health and beauty of skin.

Sytheon provides innovative solutions in the areas of: ageing skin, skin protection, problem skin, sun protection, pigmentation control, skin hydration, barrier function, photostabilisation and hair fibre protection.

Sytheon has several publications and issued and pending US and European patents.

Synoxyl AZ - NEW
Acetyl Zingerone provides 24/7 prevention & repair of skin damage. Inspired by a natural isolate of ginger root, its chemical design comes from a structural modification of Zingerone. It is the first cosmetic ingredient clinically proven to reduce UV-induced formation of both immediate & delayed DNA Damage by 70% (↓CPDs, in vitro) without using sunscreens. Furthermore, it is the first multi-functional active in the industry to be an all-in-one quencher, antioxidant and selective chelator of Fe & Cu. Patent-pending.

HydraSynol IDL
This lipophilic skin barrier builder, works by up-regulating SASPase (responsible for converting Profilaggrin to Filaggrin), Kalikreins (KLKs responsible for converting FLG to NMF and exfoliation), FLG and a range of keratincoytes differentiating genes. Besides hydration and barrier function improvements, clinically proven to show significant improvement in multiple sign of ageing skin.

HydraSynol DOI
A smart patent protected skin hydrator and barrier function builder which intelligently provides hydration where it is needed for the best results. Clinically shown to be very effective in providing long-lasting (>48 hrs) and controlled skin hydration. Works by stimulating Aquaporin-3 and Tight Junction, Desmosomes and Epidermal Differentiating genes/proteins. E-Cadherin up-regulation provides broad-spectrum skin homeostasis. COSMOS approved.

Synastol TC
It is a standardised and defined edible fruit extract of Terminalia chebula of Ayurvedic origin. TC has been demonstrated to reverse glycation & provide 9-in-1 anti-ageing solutions. Clinically demonstrated to reduce fine lines and wrinkle, pigmentation, dark circle around the eyes and yellowish skin and to improve skin elasticity & firmness. No-regulatory hassle due to water-based process. Globally approved. COSMOS approved.

Synoxyl HSS
A breakthrough First-in-the Industry patented compound. It is an excellent photostabiliser and in-vivo SPF booster by ≥50% for both organic and inorganic sunscreens. It is biodegradable and helps reduce formation of UVA-induced radicals.

Synovea HR
The New Gold Standard in lightening/even-toning with anti-ageing benefits. Clinically proven to be four-times more effective than Hydroquinone. Multiple clinical studies with Synovea HR demonstrated its strong performance in skin brightening and hyper-pigmentation control. Provides protection to DNA and Proteins. Also, HR has Collagen and Elastin stimulating properties. Patent-pending composition. Globally approved. For more information review, Chapter 7 article in Cosmeceuticals and Active Cosmetics, Eds. Maibach et al, September 2015

Asyntra SL
Easy-to-use synergistic skin lightening blend of Synovea HR and Synovea EL (Ethyl linoleate) in Caprylic/capric triglycerides. Clinically proven.

Sytenol A
Broad Spectrum anti-aging product with outstanding safety and stability. Extensive research and clinical studies have confirmed that Sytenol A is a true Retinol-like functional compound without having the negatives of Retinol. Sytenol A is a well-defined natural compound with a purity of about 99%. Skin protection and anti-acne properties of Sytenol A have also been clinically validated. Excellent stabilizer for Retinol, Squalene, Linoleic acid etc. Protected by multiple issued and pending US and foreign patents. For more information review, Chapter 1 article in Cosmeceuticals and Active Cosmetics, Eds. Maibach et al, September 2015

Synactin AC
Clinically proven to mitigate acne-affected skin. Designed to alleviate all five key acne targets: Hyper-keratinization, Bacterial population, Sebum control, Inflammation and Pigmentation.

Major Markets

Personal & skin care and selective hair care markets

Specialised Services

Develops exclusive customer specific projects in the areas of synthetic and natural compounds, and deliver cost–effective solutions to satisfy customer needs. Provides turn-key solutions to customers for bringing effective products to the market.

Global Capabilities

Sytheon products are marketed all over the world either direct or through country/region specific distributors.


Synovea; Asyntra; Synastol; HydraSynol; Sytenol; Synactin; Synoxyl.