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Univar is a global distributor of industrial and specialty chemicals, with an extensive network of over 170 distribution facilities in North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America, and additional sales offices in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Have you heard…?

We're the best Personal Care distributor in EMEA

Univar is more than a distribution company — we're a leading, global partner dedicated to improving the quality of life through the products, expertise, and relationships that serve the world's most essential industries.

We do this by harnessing the power of our extensive global network and world-class industry expertise to provide unparalleled connectivity across — and perspective on — the markets that we serve.

Creating great chemistry is not just about the innovative products and services we safely deliver to customers around the world. It also takes people — and today, our worldwide team of more than 9,000 employees is helping build Univar into the best ingredient distribution company in the world.

The New Univar

"Over the last two years we have transformed our business by listening to our customers and adapting our structure.

Now, we are organised into fully owned vertical business units with full P&L responsibility. We've empowered our Industry Director's, making them a dedicated point of contact for each business who can action items in real time."

Matthew Ottaway
Vice President Focused Industries

At Your Service —Technical Expertise

Two Technical Excellence Centers in Versailles & Milan and a satellite laboratory in Dubai.

Formulations to Spark Your Creativity

Be Inspired... with our wide range of illustrative formulations from all market segments to spark your creativity. http://www.univar-personal-care.com/

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Our highly experienced regional leaders are on hand to assist you. Email us at personalcareEMEA@univar.com

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Univar, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and carbon footprint, ensuring the safety of our employees and neighbours, helping to grow our supplier and customer businesses by providing them with sustainable solutions and ensuring the safe stewardship of products.

Univar has a number of ongoing sustainability and waste minimisation initiatives, including the following:

Reduction in Energy Consumption

We use energy efficient lighting, motion sensors to turn lights on and off, and automated heating and air conditioning systems that turn themselves off during non-work hours. An energy saving project at our Gothenburg site in Sweden has reduced CO2 emissions by approximately 240 tons, by burning 70 tons less oil.


Employees are encouraged to use vanpools, carpools and mass transit, and we subsidise these programs. We continually upgrade our fleet of delivery vehicles, incorporating the newest engine and body designs to increase fuel mileage and reduce emissions. And company cars include a hybrid model for sales personnel. At our sites in the United Kingdom, Univar boasted an annual decrease of 23% in CO2 emissions over three years. This achievement was helped by supply chain efficiencies.

Waste Minimisation

A strong quality control program, high standards for housekeeping, employee training, dedicated equipment and facility design upgrades all help reduce waste generation at our facilities. When waste disposal is required, Univar facilities look for the best method available, including recycling, re-use, fuel blending for energy recovery and incineration.

The impact of waste on the environment and our limited natural resources is a serious concern for individuals, companies, company stakeholders and future generations. ChemCare, a service of Univar in North America, is uniquely qualified to help our customers meet their waste minimisation goals, whether by reducing the amount of waste generated, or by reusing or recycling what has already been generated.

Recycling Programs

Our facilities participate in recycling programs that include recycling or reusing IBCs, pallets and drums, paper, cardboard, fibreboard, aluminium cans, water bottles, and computers. We offer a packaging return program.

Reduction in Water Consumption

Improving efficiencies in our water usage is a key priority for us, and advanced wastewater treatment systems are being introduced to reduce water consumption. The installation of a wastewater treatment system in our Gualtieri site in Italy enables us to reuse water and has reduced annual wastewater discharge from 7,000 tons to zero. This saves both on the cost of replacing the water as well as on the cost of treating and discharging wastewater.

Greener Products

Univar is proactive in sourcing 'green' and natural ingredients for customers that wish to offer more sustainable solutions in their product ranges.