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Wyzo designed a unique innovation that enables cosmetics manufacturers to respond to the ever-changing demands of consumers with speed and versatility


Whether you are a company making your first steps into automation, or a large manufacturer looking for unrivalled performance, you can benefit from our decades of industry experience in high-speed pick-and-place technology with more than 4,000 Delta robots installed worldwide. Designed in Switzerland and assembled in Europe, Wyzo creates opportunities to grow and transform businesses of all sizes

Wyzo is a sidebot, part of a new class of industrial robots designed to work safely and efficiently alongside humans. Traditional pick and place robots are large and complex, designed to work on fully automated production lines. Wyzo is different.

Wyzo can function even when your people are close by, allowing for greater versatility while ensuring maximum safety without the need for protective barriers. Thanks to its small footprint, Wyzo can be installed anywhere on a production line. It’s also easy to move, so it can go and help you where you need it most. Its small size delivers powerful performance, with a high-tech arm and vision system that allows it to find and manipulate products and containers at high speeds – even on conveyor belts. Highly compatible, Wyzo works with all regular grippers on the market, allowing you to use it for any pick and place application.

This new approach to collaborative production is ideal for lightweight applications such as skincare, fragrance, toiletry and other cosmetics products within the following specifications:

  • Maximum speeds of 90 cycles per minute for products that weigh half a kilogram;
  • Maximum speeds of 30 to 50 cycles per minute for payloads that are up to one kilogram.

Speed up your production

With Wyzo you can say goodbye to protective doors. Its advanced safety system allows it to collaborate with humans in close proximity at an incredible 80 cycles per minute (see above). Through its advanced sensor technology, Wyzo constantly monitors its surroundings for the presence of human activity, allowing it to maximize performance when on its own and also to slow to a safe operating speed when a human is in close proximity. As a result, cosmetics manufacturers can now enjoy the performance of an industrial robot combined with the versatility and compact size of a cobot.

Address ever-changing consumer demands flexibly

As providers of cosmetics in an ever changing, demanding world, we know that you require versatility, flexibility and agility to deliver on trend and on time. As such, Wyzo is designed to fit anywhere on the production floor. At less than 0.5 m 2 and just 1.80 meters in height, the sidebot fits through standard doors and elevators, offering unprecedented flexibility with a small footprint. It can easily be moved from one workstation to another, eliminating bottlenecks and enabling fast ROI. Wyzo will help you where you need it most.

Switching between products will not be unfamiliar to you, and Wyzo has been designed to be highly compatible with all regular grippers on the market with changeover speeds of less than nine seconds. To meet ever-changing production demands, it also offers integrated pneumatic, electric and vacuum controls.

Reduce training for operators

Wyzo’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) is simplified for intuitive use by operators with no prior training in automated solutions. Its mobile terminal is as easy to operate as a smartphone and requires neither script nor programming to get Wyzo up and running. Based on more than 30 years of software development for Delta robots, Wyzo’s state-of-the-art pick-and-place software has been specially refined for ease of use and control.

A new benchmark for collaborative production that combines the best of human and machine abilities. Wyzo can help you go fast and further than ever before.

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