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EastHill corporation has been producing raw materials such as surface treated powder, composite powder, UV block dispersion, and various extracts using natural derived ingredients for skin care and etc.

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EastHill Corporation has developed its own technology in the cosmetics raw materials industry through technology exchange with famous research institutions, technical consulting by domestic and international experts and foreign technology training since its establishment in 1996.

Product lines of surface treated powder for cosmetics

Product lines are mainly coated using various surface treatments by restricting the activity of powder or coating through surface treatment with the aim of enhancing dispersion within texture and makeup long-lasting effect through water repellency.

  • Powder: Extender, white pigment, color pigment and functional pigment
  • Surface Treatment: Silicone, amino acid, surfactant and fatty acid
  • Surface Treatment Technology: Wet, dry, semi-wet surface treatment technology

Composite Powder product lines

Products have been developed to boost synergy effect by strongly combining two or more powders through Mechano-fusion Coating System.

  • Core Powder: Micro-sized powder (Extender, white pigment, etc.).
  • Shell Powder: Nano-sized powder (ultrafine titanium dioxide, nano-sized silica, etc.).

UV block dispersion product lines

UV block dispersion product lines are those whose dispersion medium have been surface treated with nano-sized TiO2 or ZnO that has UV block effects to make uniform dispersion.

The uniform dispersion prevents precipitation, condensation, and decreasing whitecast. It enhances UV block effects to increase sustainability for Inorganic UV filter.

  • Dispersion Medium: Silicone oil, ester oil, water
  • Inorganic UV Filters: Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide.
EastHill Corporation

Efficacy based of natural extract product lines

Efficacy based of natural extract product lines have been developed to maintain the efficacy of cosmetics by reducing the variation in efficacy according to Lot by managing the concentration of active ingredients.

Korean Baekdudaegan Native Plant Extract
(Evening Primrose Extract, Silver Vine Extract)

Extract with increased effect through fermentation
(Fermented Artemisia Liquid, Fermented Miseon Liquid)

Extract with increased effect through special manufacturing process
(Advanced Portulaca Oleracea Extract)


Extract with increased UV protection index.

Botanical skin regenerating extract.

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