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Welcome to Fuel

Our passion lies in creating terrific PR campaigns which drive commercial results to support our clients’ growth and success. We work with ambitious and energetic clients who want to improve their communications, positioning and reputation with their varying target audiences. Our clients are careful, meticulous and entrepreneurial and want intelligent PR. Our job is to help them achieve this.

What We Do

We can help you in a number of ways – positioning, message development, raising awareness, increasing education, overcoming barriers, minimizing risk, managing issues and crises, generating endorsement, enhancing relationships and boosting sales and profits. We try to do this as simply, as effectively and as cost-efficiently as possible.

What We Can Offer You

Consumer, Trade, B2B and HCP PR

• Accredited training programmes
• Brand building promotional activities
• Celebrity outreach
• Copywriting
• Design
• Digital and social media
• Education and demonstration
• Exhibition support and speaker opportunities
• Industry relations
• Internal PR
• Issues and crisis management
• Launches
• Key opinion leader support and endorsement
• Literature development
• Market intelligence
• Media relations campaigns
• Retailer support
• Website building

Regulatory Consultancy

Planning strategically will help keep companies and brands ahead of the competition in a crowded and complex marketplace, and deploying creative thinking will help you find avenues to work within constantly changing regulations to best effect. Fuel's expertise can help guide you through the legislation and support you to find and deliver B2B and B2C competitive edge.

We can provide a compelling mix of advance information, expert intelligence, regulatory knowledge and practical support and services to help you make commercial sense of regulations and claims and communications rules, and to ensure compliance whilst also taking account of your commercial corporate culture and varying requirements.

Our expertise is also quick and efficient, and designed to help you and your colleagues save time, work and cost.

Get In Touch

If you think Fuel could be of interest, your best bet is to come and see us. Fuel has a reputation for being different. We’d be delighted to show you why. Perhaps you’d like to give us a call?

Gillian Waddell, Managing Director
Fuel PR International
T: +44 (0)207 498 8211
E: Gillian@fuelrefuel.com

Opportunities at Fuel

If you are interested in working at Fuel, please contact Camilla Butterworth at info@fuelrefuel.com

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