001 skin care promises to restore equilibrium


Asia-inspired regime mixes worlds of aromatherapy and skin care

001, or Doublezeroone, is a new British luxury facial skin care brand which mixes the worlds of aromatherapy and skin care to “return the skin to a state of natural equilibrium”. Founded by Hong Kong-raised aromatherapist and beauty therapist Ada Ooi (the brand's name is a play on Ooi's surname), 001 is divided into two lines: Classic Collection and Precious Finds.

The five-sku Classic Collection is described as a highly efficacious daily regime. Two key products are the Pure Lavender Hydrolat Toner and Active Marine Power Concentrate. According to Ooi, the use of toner was “an aspect that we really wanted to promote”. She explained: “Not enough women in the UK use a toner and it is really important in order to balance the pH value of your skin after cleansing. It helps to create a good foundation for the humectants in all the other products.” The toner contains 99% pure hydrolat from high grade distilled lavender to balance pH, refine pores and tone.

Active Marine Power Concentrate, meanwhile, is a gel-textured serum containing omega-rich marine algae, which has been “designed to work around the eyes and the face”, according to Ooi.

The second (more premium) collection, Precious Finds, features three products packaged in Miron Violetglass to protect the active elements from the harmful effects of sunlight. The hero product here is Intensive Elixir, an oil serum containing three essential oils, four refined bio-dynamic oils and four pure plant extracts. The oil is described as multifunctional and can be mixed with creams/lotions, with foundation, or used to smooth split ends.

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Product prices in the Classic Care line range from £23-£53, while the Precious Finds one are between £50-£94.