4 spa formulations: Treats from top to toe

From slimming to new sensory experiences, ingredients suppliers offer exciting spa-suitable concepts to demonstrate their latest ingredients and capabilities

Formulation 1

This Reviving Body Cocoon formulation from Gattefossé's archives contains Plurol Diisostearique CG, which, together with an unusually high amount of glycerine, allows the creation of a product that imparts a gentle warming effect upon massage.

Formulation 2

Diverse and surprising textures add to the sensory pleasure of a spa visit, or help amplify an at-home treatment. This Magic Cream to Milk skin care formulation from Evonik produces milk-like droplets on the skin for a pleasant consumer experience.


Intensively disperse magnesium stearate in phase A (Ultra-Turrax 24,000rpm, one minute) at room temperature. Mix ingredients of phase B step-by-step in the given order until it is clear. Add phase C to B and disperse with Ultra-Turrax at 20,500rpm for one minute at room temperature. Add phase BC into phase A at room temperature for two to three minutes with slow agitation (200rpm). Homogenise for two minutes at 1,100rpm.

Formulation 3

Svelte Body Relax is based around B-Shape GP, an active ingredient from Codif that boosts lipolytic activity to refine the contours of the body. It is aimed at redressing the negative effects a stressful lifestyle has on the body.


Heat B to 75°C while stirring. Add C. Emulsify at 1,500rpm for 15 mins. Add D. Emulsify (1,000rpm, five mins). Heat A to 75°C. Add to phase BCD. Emulsify (2,500rpm, ten mins). Add E and emulsify (2,500rpm, ten mins). At 35°C, add F one-by-one. Stir for 20 mins.

Formulation 4

Masks are a popular addition to the spa facial ritual and this Mousse-Mask Oil Balancer Gommage Mode, suggested by Provital Group and containing its Nelupure mattifying active ingredient, also ticks the novel texture box.

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