5 golden rules of effective communication

Your exclusive guide to having effective conversations in order to achieve the best outcomes by CEW

Communication is one of those skills that most people use in the workplace nearly every day, but may not give much thought to.

But knowing how to communicate effectively in order to achieve the best possible outcome is crucial to so many facets in business, whether it's asking for help, giving advice, bonding with colleagues or sealing an important deal.

With 1,000 industry contacts, business connections and high-powered mentors, here Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) presents its 5 golden rules of effective communication in the beauty industry…

1. Be confident

Confidence is key, and not just in the way you speak. Speaking clearly so that everything you say is heard is great, but being confident lies in your body language.

Others will identify you are not confident if you spend your time . . .

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