5 golden rules of networking in the beauty industry

Your exclusive guide to networking and getting noticed in the beauty industry by CEW

Entering a room full of unfamiliar faces can be a daunting experience for even the most seasoned of professionals, but there’s benefits to be had from ‘working the room’.

From gaining a new perspective on your area of expertise to landing your next job, you never know what might evolve from a simple introduction.

With 1,000 industry contacts, business connections and high-powered mentors, here Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) presents its 5 golden rules of networking in the beauty industry...

1. Don’t be shy!

If you’re inherently an introvert then the thought of attending large networking events can often seem overwhelming. Try not to feel intimidated when faced with a room full of new people and remember that everyone has to start somewhere.

If you can, try and find someone else in the room who is stood alone and spark up a conversation based around something that . . .

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