AMA Laboratories to sponsor global Regulatory Summit


The product testing company is providing sponsorship for the Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit in Brussels on 17-18 June 2014

Global product testing company AMA Laboratories Inc. is providing sponsorship for this year's Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit.

Held at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Brussels on 17-18 June 2014, the Summit sees the leading figures in the regulatory field of cosmetics present the recent issues faced worldwide for legislation compliance as it functions in reality. The event looks to address how regulation affects the industry on a global scale and provides a platform for debate between various parties within cosmetics. The discussions will help to ensure that the future of regulation continues to bring practicality, feasibility and relevancy closer to its core.

AMA Laboratories is staffed by 51 professionals occupying 65,000 sq. feet of laboratory/ office space a convenient 30 miles north of NYC. We are registered with FDA and certified by ISO 9001-2008 in accordance with their requirements. The company conducts state-of-the-art testing in RIPT/ Safety, SPF Determinations, Claim Substantiation with Biophysical Measurements, In-Vitro Studies and unique Matched Scientific Photography using AMA’s PhotoGrammetrix™ (PhGx) System. Advanced studies can enhance documented final report data with our PolyChrommetrix (PcMx) 3D modeling plus corporate and advertising video capabilities. The AMA system offers a newly developed proprietary concept of scientifically acquired, non-invasive “before and after” images which can be electronically measured. This unique system allows for matched high resolution photographs to be directly incorporated into our client’s advertising and marketing materials for a truly sensational presentation format.

"A perfect match"

Brian Ecclefield, International Sales Manager at AMA Laboratories, Inc., says: "AMA Laboratories are very proud to sponsor this year's Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit. As a company, we are passionate about providing the cosmetics and personal care industries with the most up-to-date testing procedures that are relevant to each individual organisation and to the industry in its entirety. Thus, the Regulatory Summit's ability to bring together the world's leading minds in cosmetic regulation to present and debate the hot topics with the goal of providing solutions or, at the very least, a progression within the industry is a perfect match with our aims."

Delegates and participants are encouraged to bring questions to the event to be answered and clarified throughout the day in order to highlight the problems experienced by the different sides of the industry in reality.

"It'll be great for the industry to bring to light their questions at the networking reception after day one too," Ecclefield continues. "We look forward to discussing all areas with delegates, speakers ad debaters alike."

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AMA Laboratories to sponsor global Regulatory Summit