AQ Skin Solutions present Endo-Test


Endo-Test is the first testosterone hormone rebalancing serum of its kind

AQ Skin Solutions present Endo-Test

Specially formulated by AQ Skin Solutions founder, Dr. Al-Qahtani, a professor, scientist and immunologist, Endo-Test works by activating the proteins in the body which are responsible for producing the testosterone hormone.

While testosterone is commonly associated with men, a woman’s need for testosterone is of equal importance. As we age, the proteins which produce this hormone gradually switch off leading to depleted levels.

This can have a significant impact on both the health and well-being of men and women.

Low levels of testosterone can cause fatigue, low mood levels, erectile dysfunction in men, and a loss of libido in women. Muscle mass loss and fat gain can also be experienced as well as heightened PMS symptoms for women.

Endo-Test is the first hormone free solution/supplement designed for the use of men and women alike.

It works to restore hormonal balance and increase the body’s energy levels. Using a peptide-specific signalling technology, Endo-Test activates the proteins involved in testosterone production, boosting the body’s natural ability to produce this hormone.

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