ASA slams inappropriate Just Cavalli ad


ITV has come under fire for airing an inappropriately scheduled TV ad

UK television network ITV has come under fire by UK advertising watchdog Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for airing an inappropriately scheduled television ad for Coty\'s new Just Cavalli fragrance for women. The ad came to the ASA\'s attention after a complainant challenged whether it was appropriate to be seen by children, as it was aired during a family programme on ITV.

In response, ITV said the programme was not commissioned for, or targeted at, children, and that audience indexing data showed that the programme was not of particular appeal to young viewers.

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Despite this, the ASA upheld the complaint on the grounds that ITV had not taken the necessary steps to prevent the ad appearing around programmes that would be viewed by children. It also warned the television network to take more care with its scheduling of ads in future.