ASOS explores gender identity in first-ever YouTube series

By Becky Bargh 27-Jul-2018

The fashion and beauty retailer’s first two episodes will tackle body confidence and issues facing millennials today

Fashion and beauty retailer ASOS is confronting mental health stigmas with the launch of its first-ever YouTube series.

The first episode sees participants talking about bio-glitter and body confidence, starring make-up artist Lisa Michalik and body-positive blogger Daisy Keens.

Meanwhile, the second episode will look into gender identification as participants explore their own face and body identity, with help from drag queen and PhD student Dinah Luxe.

Others feature Adam All, a drag king created by Jen Powell, about developing his performance and identity; and Harper, a Paris-based model, dancer and stylist, about the differences between gender identity and performance identity.

New episodes are set to be released in August, including one challenge filmed at Thorpe Park, UK, focusing on creating make-up looks that last.

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