A Saweetie moment for MAC Cosmetics as it announces new face

By Becky Bargh 15-Sep-2021

US rapper is thought to be a true fan of the brand, having swallowed ‘pounds’ of MAC lip gloss in her time

MAC Cosmetics has added a new face to its entourage of Global Brand Ambassadors in the form of US rapper Saweetie.

Dubbed the ‘content queen’, known for her ‘icy’ visuals – a play on her debut single Icy Girl, she will lend her wit and millions of online followers to the Estée Lauder-owned cosmetics giant’s upcoming collection and campaigns.

She, however, declined to comment on a potential make-up collaboration with her new beauty partner, said WWD.

“Saweetie is one of those people that truly does it all, musician, CEO, actress, TV, show host, gamer, viral sensation, the list goes on; she is an extreme talent and is relatable, she is all of our best friends,” said Drew Elliott, SVP Global Creative Director of MAC.

“Saweetie’s message of self-confidence and female empowerment is the perfect match for a brand like MAC that has always embraced unapologetic self-expression with open arms.

“She has always loved our products, she told me she has swallowed pounds of MAC lip gloss in her life.”

He continued: “Saweetie is a MAC Girl because she is a boss, a winner, an artist and she knows exactly what she wants, and goes for it, I’m obsessed.”

Real name, Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, Saweetie is no stranger to collaborations with big names in business, having landed a major partnership deal with fast food giant McDonald’s in August.

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This week, she also won her first ever VMA award for Best Art Direction with her Best Friend song, featuring Doja Cat.