A guide to thickening challenging formulations

Gentle formulations are challenging to create and require especially effective thickening agents. Uta Kortemeier, Kathrin Brandt, Joachim Venzmer and Peter Schwab present a new, efficient and economically viable thickener for mild surfactant-based formulations

Changes in the world’s economy have made consumers more value-conscious.

To meet their challenging demands, economic formulations with uncompromising performance are generating increased interest.

Also, today’s consumers – more so than ever before – want to keep their skin and hair in a healthy condition. As a consequence, consumers are constantly searching for both efficient and gentle cleansing products.

Such innovative surfactant formulations often present a challenge for the formulator and require very effective thickening agents. Evonik recently launched a superior hydrophilic thickening agent, suitable for thickening challenging systems.

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