A new dimension: 7 ways 3D printing can help your packaging design

3D printing technologies are revolutionising the early stages of packaging design, enabling creative solutions, as Quadpack Industries’ Jeremy Garrard explains

A good packaging solution starts with a good idea. The better the idea, the more effective or innovative the pack. Whether a high-tech skin care pump, an elegant fragrance bottle or a trendy make-up pen, it all begins with a vision, a dream, a picture of what could be.

3D printing technologies are revolutionising the early stages of package design. The Stratasys J750 in use at Quadpack’s Design and Advanced Technologies department is having a noticeable impact on the creative process, particularly during this embryonic phase.

It is used for model-making, to produce prototypes, development samples and trial moulds. The benefits are far-reaching – not just for us, but for the industry as a whole. Here are seven ways in which 3D printing benefits beauty package development.

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