A third of UK women experience hair loss


New study by Philip Kingsley reveals problem

New research from Trichologist and hair care expert Philip Kingsley has revealed the extend of hair loss and thinning amongst UK women.

More than one in five (21%) of the 2,000 UK women surveyed said that they were currently suffering with hair loss or thinning. A further 9% of women had previously suffered with the condition and 25% did not have the problem themselves but new friends or family who did.

Philip Kingsley also reported that 80% of all the female clients attending the brand's New York and London clinics report problems with thinning hair. Kingsley commented: "The percentage of women with thinning hair is much larger than is commonly thought as many suffer in silence. These results show that hair loss and thinning in women is a real problem – we are all familiar with male hair loss or thinning as it's more visible. But this study shows that a significant proportion of women suffer from it too."

Philip Kingsley

Philip Kingsley

Hair loss in males is most commonly caused by the ageing process and whilst this does affect females too, Kingsley pointed to a number of other factors. He said: "Of course adverse changes in hormones affect the hair, but an improper diet, poor health, stress and certain oral contraceptive pills are also factors that play a role." Most hair loss sufferers were aged 45-64 but one in eight were aged under 35.

Those women who reported hair loss also noted significant psychological effects. Most women (58%) felt self-conscious because of their hair loss and a further 51% had experienced anxiety. Others felt embarrassed (45%), concerned (43%) and less confident (40%).

A third of those suffering had not sought any help to address the problem, whilst 30% tried supplements, 27% adjusted their diet and 58% visited their GP for help. But 44% of women said they would seek help from their hairdressers.

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Graham Fish, Chairman of the Philip Kingsley Group, said: "Women are therefore speaking out about hair loss more – and are also seeking help earlier. Unfortunately, what is also clear is that they are not seeking specialised enough help to solve the problem i.e. trichologists who are experts in scalp and hair health."