Acqua di Parma's new campaign starring Will Chalker focuses on family

The model's own family will appear in the new Colonia Pura fragrance ad

Acqua di Parma’s new campaign for its Colonia Pura fragrance has turned out to be a family affair.

This September will be model and ambassador Will Chalker as the face of the Italian brand's new launch, but he won’t be alone – his wife Chloe Chalker and their son Arthur Chalker will be starring alongside him.

Shot by New York-based fashion photographer Josh Olins, the new ad series focuses on ‘modern masculinity’ and aims to inspire confidence and emotional sensitivity.

The candid-style black and white images focuses on intimate family moments between the trio.

"Favourite campaign"

Will Chalker said: “I have known about Acqua di Parma for a long time, it’s a brand you kind of associate with Italy and the sun, elegance and style.”

“It is one of my favourite campaigns, just because I get to shoot with my wife and son.

“It makes it feel more about us just having fun as a family and creating these little moments that, you know, we can capture in photos.”

The collection includes: Colonia Pura EDC (from £66), Colonia Pura Hair & Shower Gel (£30) and Colonia Pura After Shave Balm (£45).