Aesthetics: Are non-invasive procedures really safer?

Cosmetics Business speaks to a panel of aestheticians and surgeons for the inside scoop

Going under the knife is often viewed as a drastic solution to achieving the cosmetic appearance a person wants. Whether that individual is looking to reduce wrinkles or remove body fat, the thought of undertaking surgery is usually treated with at least a little caution.

However, when it comes to non-invasive procedures, often less hesitation or concern is observed in prospective patients – but are they right to feel more at ease?

Due to improved technology, there are now more non-surgical options than ever before. Chemical peels, lasers and injectables are increasingly available and affordable, with many promising little to no downtime and a speedy lunch-hour service. But while these procedures may not be as invasive as surgery, complications can be just as serious. A number of incidents have hit headlines lately surrounding the trend for silicone buttock injections.

Earlier this year, Padge-Victoria Windslowe, 45, was jailed for at least ten years after causing the death of a London woman by injecting 19 litres of silicone into her buttocks. Windslowe had no medical training.

So what are the risks when it comes to non-invasive treatments today and should consumers be more cautious about these procedures? CBN puts it to the expert panel...

Over to the panel

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