AkzoNobel creates water-based styling solution


Following the success of its DynamX styling polymer for use in aerosol hairsprays, AkzoNobel has launched a water-based version, DynamX H2O.    According to AkzoNobel, the new polymer imparts benefits like long lasting hold, humidity resistance and flexible, natural motion to a wide range of styling products. “By creating the DynamX polymer properties in a water-based form with no alcohol, formulators can now achieve the desired properties and aesthetics in a wide range of styling product forms such as gels, mousses, creams, waxes, pomades and spritz products,” comments AkzoNobel’s global marketing manager, Laurie Marshall.

DynamX H2O has a unique composition based on polyurethane and acrylates. The urethane portion provides hold, elasticity and flexibility without tack while the acrylic helps impart strength and humidity resistance, and means the product can be easily removed with shampoo.