Alternative Preservation Naturally

Spectrastat G2-N is a natural certified alternative preservation system of multifunctional ingredients that allows formulators to use hurdle technology to create self-preserving formulations. 

As opposed to traditional methods of preservation, hurdle technology is an approach whereby combinations of ingredients and other aspects of formulation are used along with good manufacturing principles to safe guard against antimicrobials.

Naturally derived, Spectrastat G2-N is acceptable for use in organic personal care products under NSF/ANSI 305-2012 and includes glyceryl caprylate, a 100% natural skin conditioning agent and medium spreading emollient that also has antimicrobial properties, caprylhydroxamic acid (CHA), a chelating agent, and glycerin.

A special benefit of Spectrastat G2-N is that it performs superbly at neutral pH, a state where many other alternative preservation systems are ineffective.

By using Spectrastat G2-N in the practice of hurdle technology, formulations that pass challenge tests can be created without the inclusion of traditional preservatives.

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