Amberstem - Beautiful lucency for olive complexions

With Amberstem, Sederma is pleased to offer a natural and ultra-customised solution to the specific beauty concerns of olive complexions associated to phototypes III to V: dull skin (greenish/greying complexion), uneven complexion and dark areas.

This eco-designed active ingredient provides a healthy and lucent amber complexion thanks to a synergetic action at three levels: anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation, skin barrier protection and pigmentation control.

First results are visible in only one month as demonstrated in vivo: 58 % of volunteers found their complexion both more uniform and with less intense dark areas while 62% described their skin as being more luminous*.

At the early stage of this ingredient development, all CSR impacts have been considered to offer the most eco-socio-designed product. For example, Amberstem is produced using Plant Cell Culture.

This eco-designed technology associated with an ultra-soft downstream processing allows the preservation of ultra-concentrated natural whole cells that boost the efficacy of the active molecule.

Don’t hesitate and Be ACTIVEly Committed with Sederma to translate sustainability, safety and ethics into leading innovation and marketing advantages:

*: All the results of the clinical studies, as well as in vitro studies, are available upon request to your sales representative.