Arcade Beauty offers secure testers in response to Covid-19 crisis


Sample options for lipsticks, mascaras, facial cosmetics and perfumes highlighted

In light of the new constraints imposed during the coronavirus health crisis, the testing of make-up and perfume at point of sale is being revised. In response, Arcade Beauty is proposing a wealth of safe and sanitary testing solutions.

For lipsticks and glosses, these include Kiss-a-Peel, which can be blotted directly onto lips; Lipspop, a miniature applicator, for a true-to-life experience; and Lipseal ou doses thermo, which are available in single dose formats, or as peel-offs on boards (as pictured) for distribution by the beauty advisor upon request.

Mascaras, according to Arcade Beauty, can be tested using a thermoformed Mascarapack, which may be matched with the real product’s brush for realistic application, while facial cosmetics are suited to concepts including powder blisters that simulate the texture of loose powder; Shadeseal, which mimics pressed product; and BeautiSeal single doses sachets or Easysnap one-hand testers, developed for the trial of liquid facial cosmetics.

Perfumes, meanwhile can be applied using thermoformed single dose packs, scented sachets or wipes and even the Cushion blotter, which reveals the scent when rubbed.

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