Ardency Inn partners with Kacie Marie on Black Is Red lipstick

Indie singer promotes new shade of lipstick

Ardency Inn has released a follow up to its successful Black Is Blue lipstick collection with Black Is Red ($27).

The full-coverage lipstick has an intense, blood red shade with blue undertones for a dramatic look.

The formula also contains essential oils for a strong colour pay off without any drying effect and silica powder for a silky feel on the lips and a velvety-matte finish. Other ingredients include beeswax, carnauba and candellilia for a long-lasting finish and high-quality look.

The lipstick will be promoted by a campaign starring singer and vintage pin-up model Kacie Marie. The star describes her music as "psychedelic doo-wop" and is due to release her next album, Silver Planet, next month. Ardency Inn said that she was the “perfect person” to represent the new shade.