Ariana Grande scent to launch on time despite Snapchat leak


Early launch was rumoured after Grande accidentally posted an image of the scent

Designer Parfums has confirmed that the upcoming fragrance from US pop singer Ariana Grande will still be released in September as planned.

Rumours of an early release circulated online after Grande accidentally leaked details about the new perfume on social media. The 21-year-old singer was only meant to announce the name of her debut scent, called Ari, but instead posted images of the whole box on video sharing website Snapchat. Stills from the clip were then saved by fans, who went on to circulate the image on Twitter.

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However, Designer Parfums – who is collaborating with Grande on the scent – confirmed to Cosmetics Business that the fragrance is still scheduled for release in September, stating that "Ariana is the key driver and voice of the brand of the brand" so will be revealing details about the fragrance herself.