Ascot International presents new ingredient Chitosan

Ascot proudly introduces new ingredient for Cosmetics & Personal Care - Chitosan

Chitosan is a derivative of N-acetylglucosamine which has been sourced from fungi, making it organically certifiable and suitable for vegan and vegetarian applications.

It is becoming increasingly popular in various industries, more recently in cosmetics. By nature, Chitosan is adaptable and compatible with a range of ingredients such as Oils, Fats, Non-Ionic emulsifiers and water soluble gums.

In hair care products, the cationic charge allows Chitosan to coat the hair with an elastic film, to create a glossy finish. It also has antistatic and water retention properties that allow hair control in humid conditions.

In skin care products, Chitosan is capable of either acting as an effective skin barrier penetrant for active ingredients, and also as a film former (e.g. in a moisturiser). It also has anti-ageing properties, and is a strong competitor to Hyaluronic Acid.

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