Ashland expands global Natrosol hydroxyethylcellulose production

Boost to supply from China and the Netherlands

Ashland says it is responding to strong demand for Natrosol hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC) by expanding HEC production across its global network through capacity additions at its facilities in Nanjing in China and Zwijndrecht in the Netherlands. This will expand capacity by 7,000 metric tons while the company is also increasing production of its Natrosol Plus hydrophobically modified HEC product line at its Parlin, NJ plant in the US.

Natrosol HEC is a cellulosic polymer used as an additive in a wide variety of water-based consumer and industrial products including personal care items such as shampoos and shower gels as well as paper coatings and latex paints.

“Ashland is committed to having sufficient manufacturing capacity available to serve our customers,” said John Panichella, president, Ashland Specialty Ingredients. “I am extremely pleased with the success of the Nanjing facility and particularly proud that we anticipated the needs of the market by building a world-class hydroxyethylcellulose plant in Asia to support our customers.”

“This expansion also reinforces our commitment to offer locally produced products backed with superior technical support," said Dale MacDonald, vice president, coating additives, Ashland Specialty Ingredients. “Over the next few years, Ashland expects steady growth in the field of cellulose ethers driven by the need for materials that have reduced impact to the environment and are from renewable resources.”

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