Ask Heidi: ‘How can I overcome my pre-interview nerves?’


In this month's real-life advice column, recruitment and careers specialist Heidi Bannister helps one reader find their confidence ahead of an interview

Q: I have applied for promotion and have an interview coming up.

The thing is, the last time I had an interview was years ago and it was for a junior role. I sometimes think I was just in the right place at the right time for that job and I'm not sure I performed particularly well in that interview.

Overall I feel quite out of touch. I am worried that I might get caught off guard and not know how to answer a question. I'm really nervous about it and fear that I won’t come across well. How can I overcome my nerves?

Heidi Bannister
Founder & Managing Director,
Arthur Edward Recruitment

A: It’s perfectly natural to feel nervous before an interview, and most managers would rather meet a slightly nervous candidate than one who’s over-confident.

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Remember that an interview is just a...

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