Ask Heidi: 'I've been asked to return to the office, but I want to keep working from home. What should I do?'


In this month’s real-life advice column, recruitment and careers specialist Heidi Bannister helps one reader ask their employer for greater working flexibility

 Q: Since the start of lockdown everyone at my company has been working from home.

While it started out as an adjustment, I soon found my rhythm, and I am now really enjoy the work/life balance that I've established and find that I am more productive.

However, this week my employer has asked me to return to the office. The reality is, I’m much happier working from home. What options do I have?

A: Improving the work/life balance has been a hot topic for many years. In the Arthur Edward 2018/19 Salary Survey, flexible working topped the list of desired benefits.

In June, 67% of respondents to our ‘Working Through the Covid-19 Crisis’ survey were working from home, and a whopping 94% of them said they wanted to continue doing so in the future, for at least some of the time.

With so many now asking for more flexibility, companies that were slow or reluctant to adapt to new ways of working in the past may be forced to change if they're to attract the right talent.

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