Ask Heidi: ‘Why am I not being invited to job interviews?’


In this month's real-life advice column, recruitment and careers specialist Heidi Bannister helps one reader get their foot through the door and into the interview chair

Q: I'm looking for the next step in my beauty industry career and I'm in the process of applying for new jobs.

I've applied for several roles recently with my CV and a cover letter, but noone has asked me to interview.

I have been sending my applications in on time and spending a lot of time on them. It has been really hard to find the spare hours in the day as I'm already working full time.

I am starting to lose motivation and it's affecting me in my current job too as my confidence is taking a hit.

Please help me figure it out. What am I doing wrong?

A: If you're getting nowhere despite applying for several similar roles, there are two most likely reasons.

It could be that you're not right or ready for the role. Think about the job you want and why people may not consider you. I know it’s hard but be realistic. Maybe you need more experience in your current role to prepare for the step up. Is there a mid-level role you could move into? Employers admire ambition but need to be sure their new recruits will hit the ground running.

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The other possibility is that...

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