Avon is using women's football to end gender discrimination

By Sarah Parsons 17-Oct-2017

The beauty brand's new I Can Be campaign will star Liverpool Ladies FC

One third of British women believe their gender has held them back.

This is a figure Avon UK is hoping to change with its new campaign in partnership with Liverpool Ladies FC.

In April, Avon became the first female brand to sponsor an FA Women’s Super League club and its latest deal with the club aims to banish gender stereotypes.

The I Can Be campaign kicks off with Fiercely Feminine, a film featuring the LLFC players, which aims to disprove negative preconceptions of female sportswomen.

“Playing football professionally has always been my main aim,” said Gemma Bonner, Liverpool Ladies FC Captain.

“Growing up, however, I did face barriers to helping me achieve this dream; the largest being the lack of opportunity for me to play as my high school didn’t have a female football team.

“It’s been so interesting to work with Avon and discover our shared ambitions for excelling women.

“Hopefully I can be a role model for the sport and help to empower young women and girls to get involved and achieve their ambitions”.

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To support the campaign, Avon commissioned a report that found women are four times more likely than men to say that they have been held back in their career because of their gender.

The report discovered that young women are more likely to be susceptible to this mindset, as almost half of 18-24 year olds felt the social pressures as opposed to 35% of 25-34 year olds.

Avon UK’s Director of Beauty and Advertising, Stephen Rendu, said: “As a father of girls it’s alarming to see that so many young women still face gender stereotyping and are being held back from realising their potential.

“The Liverpool Ladies FC players are great examples of how perseverance and determination can eventually win out – but it shouldn’t have to be that hard.

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“They are now role models for the next generation, and will hopefully pave the way for more young girls that want to follow their dreams.”