Avon launches recruitment drive to celebrate and inspire new generation of Representatives

By Austyn King 8-Oct-2020

The Natura-owned company's 'Watch Me Now' drive showcases five diverse Reps who have built successful businesses amid Covid-19 and mental health issues

Avon, the direct selling beauty company, has launched a new UK-wide recruitment campaign in a bid to inspire a new wave of customers to join its roster of Representatives (Reps) by highlighting success stories from its Reps from all walks of life.

Part of the company's recent 'Watch Me Now' relaunch, the new campaign showcases the stories of five Avon Reps across the UK who have overcome challenges to launch a successful beauty business, aiming to demonstrate the power of beauty to create opportunities as well as challenge existing preconceptions about the company and its ambassadors.

Matthieu Comard, Avon’s Managing Director for Western Europe, said: “At a time when there is so much uncertainty as a result of Covid-19, more people are exploring new earning opportunities and looking for ways to support their communities.

“Our purpose has always been to change people’s lives by providing them with the opportunity to earn and learn on their own terms, and throughout the pandemic we’ve seen our Reps not only make the transition to digital social selling, but also provide support to those in their communities who need it the most.”

Support and inspire

As Avon recently reported a 114% surge in new representatives in the wake of the global pandemic, the campaign sees Reps discuss the different ways their role with Avon has helped them and loved ones through difficult times.

27-year-old Vicki Ramiz, for example, shares how she was recently made redundant due to Covid-19, but has been able to continue providing for her family with her earnings from working as an Avon Rep.

Meanwhile, two other Reps discuss how the direct selling beauty brand helped them overcome mental health issues; former security guard Laura Wickham speaks about being signed off from work for seven years after suffering from PTSD, while Natalie Nicholls was bullied from a young age for her passion for performing.

However, both women credit their work as Reps with helping them build their confidence again.

In addition, Avon also aims to demonstrate the company's commitment to inclusivity by sharing the stories of Reps who may break the 'stereotypical' image of someone working in the beauty industry.

Neil Loft from Bristol works as an Avon Rep alongside his job in the travel industry, and was inspired by Avon's charitable efforts, recently helping collect 800 hand creams which were donated to hospitals, ambulance stations and control rooms to help those in need during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Finally, Aneetah Adu, a 39-year-old personal shopper originally from Ghana, reveals how her friends were initially surprised by her role as an Avon Rep, assuming the brand was targeted at white women, but were later impressed by how inclusive the company and its cosmetic products were.

The campaign will see Avon invest more than £300,000 in digital, audio and OOH marketing in an effort to reach a broader range of consumers and inspire them to join its Rep community.

Comard added: “Having just relaunched the Avon brand, now is an exciting time to be joining the Avon network.

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“We hope that by seeing relatable and unexpected people as Avon Reps, it will inspire others across the UK to sign up to earn and learn.”