Avon launches reforestation initiative


Proceeds from special products will fund the Healthy Forests, Beautiful World programme

Avon has launched a global reforestation initiative to help end deforestation. Funds for the Healthy Forests, Beautiful World programme will be raised through the sale of special products by Avon sales representatives and on Avon’s e-commerce sites.

“Paper and forests are important to Avon’s business and we are committed to making a difference in this area,” said Tod Arbogast, Avon Vice President of Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility. “The newly named Healthy Forests, Beautiful World programme continues our work to tap the vast reach and commitment of Avon’s powerful worldwide network of representatives, in conjunction with the expertise of World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to create a commanding force to help end deforestation. We look forward to building on our progress with Healthy Forests, Beautiful World in 2014 and continuing Avon’s global fundraising efforts to help end deforestation.”

Since 2010, Avon has donated more than US$6.8m to global reforestation to TNC and WWF to support the rainforests in Brazil and Indonesia, two of the most critically endangered ecosystems. In 2013, it donated $1.3m raised in more than 50 countries.

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“The funds raised through Avon’s reforestation fundraising initiative have not only made it possible to restore over 4 million trees in Brazil\'s Atlantic Forest, they created new jobs for local communities and provided data that enables us to make better decisions about forest restoration techniques,” said TNC Vice President and Managing Director of Latin America Joe Keenan.