Avon partners with Kenzo Takada on new fragrance


Brand teams up with Kenzo designer

Avon has announced a new partnership with Kenzo Takada, the founder of the eponymous fashion house. The designer will create a new exclusive fragrance collection for Avon, starting with Avon LIFE By Kenzo Takada.

Kenzo will also create an exclusive fashion line for Avon, with the first pieces expected to go on sale in Autumn 2016.

Takada commented: “Having previously developed premium fragrances, I wanted to work with Avon to collaborate on a new collection with wide accessibility to women across the world.”

Fernando Acosta, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Social Selling Officer at Avon, said: “He personally worked with our team to develop every aspect of these fragrances, from olfactory notes to the design of the bottles. His vision is unparalleled and his sense of optimism and beauty is akin to the very essence of what Avon stands for. We are so fortunate to have forged this partnership, and we are eagerly anticipating our next steps together.”

The designer added: “My experience with the Avon team has been incredible. Thanks to their passion, positivity and energy, we have created a timeless and distinctive fragrance line that conveys the splendour of the natural world and conveys beauty and positivity. I’m thrilled with the end result.”

Kenzo is currently the acting Honorary President of the Asian Couture Federation. He is known for his KENZO brand, which launched in 1970 when he presented his first show in Paris. He launched his first women’s fragrance in 1988 – Kenzo de Kenzo. The brand’s flagship fragrance is now FlowerbyKenzo and since 2001 there has also been a Kenzo skin care line.

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Kenzo sold the KENZO brand to LVMH in 1993 and announced in 1999 that he was retiring from fashion. Since then he has worked on a number of smaller projects, including a homeware range.