BASF launches new biopolymer for oil control natural products


The Verdessence Rice Touch is said to be produced from renewable feedstocks

BASF has launched a new biopolymer designed for natural and organic cosmetics.

The Verdessence Rice Touch ingredient is said to be ideal for matte type products from skin care to colour cosmetics and sunscreen to support shine control and oil absorbency.

Produced from non-GMO rice, sourced from the EU, Verdessence Rice Touch is made using renewable feedstocks and without preservatives.

The new launch used alone or in combination with other biopolymers such as BASF's Verdessence Tara, Verdessence Alginate and Verdessence Xanthan to formulate leave-on products.

“Sensory is an important attribute for consumers when it comes to the selection of cosmetic products," said Dr Natalia Chudinova, Marketing Manager for Market Development Face/Skin Care at BASF.

"With Verdessence RiceTouch, we use one of nature’s offerings of bio-sourced alternatives to synthetic sensory modifiers."

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