BASF rolls out personalised beauty solutions with B2B Cosmetics

By Austyn King 23-Feb-2022

The Emuage technology allows users to create their own customised skin, hair and sun care products

BASF rolls out personalised beauty solutions with B2B Cosmetics

BASF is offering its customers more personalised beauty solutions with its latest technology.

The Emuage technology, created by B2B Cosmetics, allows users to create customised skin, hair and sun care products.

Customers can select capsules to achieve their desired texture, active ingredient and fragrance.

Now, BASF is rolling out the technology to its global beauty customers in a bid to meet growing demand for personalised beauty products.

“Our strategic relationship with B2B Cosmetics is essential in our ecosystem to help our customers answer consumer demand for customised beauty products,” commented Robert Parker, Director, New Business Development for BASF's Care Chemicals division.

“B2B Cosmetics has continued to impress in developing this technology for the personal care market.

“We are excited that customers are now bringing this technology to consumers and business is commencing.”

To scale up Emuage's production and entry into global markets, BASF is supporting B2B with second-round financing.

Following two years of development and “very positive” consumer feedback, the move builds on BASF and B2B's long-term partnership to develop customised personal care solutions.

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Meanwhile, B2B Cosmetics will open its first Emuage stores in Switzerland, France and the Middle East in the coming months.

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