Baby boom: Will the maternity cosmetics category finally receive a modern makeover?

By Sarah Parsons 28-Jan-2021

From concerns over plastics in placentas to busting pregnancy taboos, Cosmetics Business explores how brands can engage with this unique generation of mums-to-be

With whimsical illustrations and calming pastel packaging, most maternity cosmetic products seem to be marketed more with the child in mind rather than the mum-to-be. But when former Glamour Executive Beauty Director Julia Yule decided to start her own line, Bloom & Blossom, with sister-in-law Christina Moss, she wanted their products to be the opposite: to be as sophisticated as her skin care line.

Unlike traditional pregnancy and new mum products, which err on the side of infantilisation, Yule's body care brand is bold and recognises that a woman's identity and sense of style does not change when she is a mother.

"We wanted to have that modern vision where we were a natural brand, but we were performance products. When we first launched, those two ideas didn't really go hand in hand. The category didn't look modern and sophisticated," explains Yule. "For a woman, why shouldn't her skin care at that point in her life look as slick as her face care that she would continue to use [during her pregnancy]?

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"Why shouldn't it look gorgeous, slick, sophisticated and not...

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