Back, book, buy beauty: Caroline Hirons steps in for the sector once again with Back Beauty scheme

By Becky Bargh | 18-Nov-2020

The beauty mogul is encouraging customers to book appointments in the run up to Christmas following the England-wide Covid-19 lockdown

Caroline Hirons is backing beauty once again with another campaign to help salon owners negotiate through the pandemic.

Following the England-wide lockdown until 2 December, the beauty expert and blogger has introduced Back Beauty encouraging the public to support the sector.

Her latest initiative asks customers to book future appointments with their beauty practitioners in the run up to Christmas, buy gift vouchers and shop their skin care products via salons, after the sector was told to close for the second time following an England-wide lockdown.

“We’re now in another lockdown during what is traditionally the busiest period of the year for beauty,” said a press statement.

“November and December are usually fully booked, with the British Beauty Council estimating about a third of a business’ annual turnover is taken in the last three months of the year.

“Back Beauty shows us the very real and practical ways in which we can keep the industry going so they can reopen their doors post-lockdown.”

Back Beauty follows the success of Hirons’ Beauty Backed initiative, in partnership with Lesley Blair, chair of BABTAC and CIBTAC, and the British Beauty Council’s Millie Kendall, in which she raised more than £600,000 for the Hair & Beauty Charity.

Alongside the fundraising, the scheme’s online petition garnered almost 30,000 signatures to accompany an open letter to the UK Prime Minister asking for beauty salons to reopen.

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