Baralan's 'simplicity of excellence'

Baralan’s products are synonymous of excellence, an essential one that is however reached with care, precision and consistency. A packaging easily recognisable by a pure and linear design that facilitates the use, but also the personalisation, and which, undressed by the unnecessary, remains at the same time attractive, because Baralan’s packaging is the result of a creative act in which complexity leaves space to simplicity.

The constant search for excellence is found in the creative and production processes, but also in the consolidated internal organisation, in the international structure, in the strong integration of the value chain and in the specialised teams.

All this is coordinated by high quality standards that lead Baralan to the continuous ambition for improvement, setting ever more challenging goals but remaining faithful to its core values.

The continuous progress in the constant creation of added value and in the combination of all the economic, technological but above all human resources which, thanks to the know-know developed over the years, allow Baralan to position itself competitively on the market and become the ambassador of the value of excellence for each market segment.

In the skin care segment, excellence is achieved by the ability to protect and preserve the of protecting the consistency, compactness and brilliance of makeup, while in the fragrance segment by the care to secure the fleetingness and ephemerality of perfumes and their essences.

Baralan therefore offers primary packaging solutions, apparently simple but extremely sophisticated, with refined elegance and a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, leaving space for the customization of details in finishes and decorations, with the aim of doing extraordinarily well what may seem ordinary.

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