Beauty&Go launches exclusive online shop

By Sarah Parsons 20-Jan-2017

Available exclusively to UK customers, the brand's beauty drinks are designed to provide essential vitamins to the skin

Beauty&Go has launched an online shop in the UK.

The beauty drink brand ventured into e-commerce to allow consumers to try newly formulated products designed to help the skin.

Beauty&Go said it has relaunched and reformulated its specific bioactive beauty drinks (£2.99) for each type of skin need in order to increase effectiveness.

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Along with the brand's main ingredient, Macro-Antioxidants the new formulas contain: bioactive collagen peptides to provide elasticity to the skin, and diminish and delay the appearance of wrinkles; pomegranate extract with an effective antioxidant action; 100% of the manganese RDA to maintain the connective tissue of the dermis; hyaluronic acid to moisturise and deliver elasticity; watermelon extract to enhance firmness, and 50% of the daily vitamins needed to support the skin.

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