Beraca, L’Oréal and GIZ team up to promote the use of raw materials from the Amazon region in cosmetics manufacture


Initiative to benefit 300 families

Beraca, the manufacturer and supplier of natural ingredients from the Brazilian biodiversity, has teamed up with L’Oréal and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) to promote the use of raw materials from the Amazon region in the manufacture of cosmetics marketed internationally.

The initiative, which is expected to run for at least two years, also aims to promote sustainability while training 300 families in 24 cities through a three-fold operation comprising organisation and management, manufacturing and organic certification, and marketing.

By using some of the raw materials produced locally in its cosmetics, L’Oréal will help to promote the initiative internationally and encourage the use of these materials in other markets. Simone Esteves, head of Raw Material at L’Oréal Brazil, said: “Since 2003, Beraca has been supplying natural and mineral raw materials used in L’Oréal’s products. The partnership allows us to present innovative options to the market, while building a sustainable chain with local communities.”

GIZ will be responsible for providing training in business management and collaborative business solutions, while Beraca will be in charge of developing the communities’ technical and productive capacities as well as implementing environmentally responsible practices and organic certification.

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Daniel Sabará, Beraca ceo, said: “With GIZ and L’Oréal’s operational, commercial and institutional support, the project aims to reach 1,200 people, develop new raw materials sourced from the Brazilian biodiversity and expand their use in the manufacture of cosmetics. We plan to create a virtuous circle covering the entire production chain, from manufacturers to consumers.”