Beraca treads the sustainable path with new pracaxi oil derivative


New ingredient offers natural alternative to surfactanst and cationic agents

Sourced from the seeds of the Amazonian Pentaclethara macroloba tree, pracaxi oil has long been used as an antibacterial and anti-hemorrhagic agent and is well known in the cosmetic industry for its moisturising properties.

Beraca has used pracaxi oil to develop a new hair conditioning ingredient: BBA, short for BioBehenic Active System. BBA is Ecocert and USDA certified organic and because of its high concentration of behenic acid (C22) it can be used as a natural alternative to surfactants and cationic agents in conditioners.

In addition, the ingredient provides viscosity and helps stabilise emulsions as it’s free from quaternary groups and non-comedogenic. It also creates a hydrophobic layer around hair fibres, shielding them from humidity and controlling volume.

Beraca says its harvesting of pracaxi is based on sustainable principles and that it works in partnership with 500 members of Amazonian communities involved with the Biodiversity Enhancement Program.