Bio-Oil supports Look Good Feel Better with O2 climb

Pure Beauty's Editor joins the Bio-Oil team to raise money for the charity

The Bio-Oil team and Pure Beauty's Editor (third from right).

The roof of the O2 looked rosy on Saturday as 73 individuals climbed to the top wearing pink t-shirts to raise money for the charity Look Good Feel Better.

The charity helps those dealing with the visible side effects of cancer treatment and the funds raised will help even more women and teenagers to get a much-needed confidence boost at a beauty workshop.

Pure Beauty’s Editor, Laura Husband joined the Bio-Oil team on the climb to help raise money for the charity as part of the brand’s Scars Uncovered campaign.

The Bio-Oil team start the journey back down to ground level.

The initiative explores the psychological impact of scarring and aims to highlight that those living with scars shouldn’t feel as if they have to hide.

For one in three, not hiding away their scar is fundamental in the process of coming to terms with it, yet the brand says more than half of women (59.5%) are hiding away their scars by concealing them with make-up or clothing.

Bio-Oil Senior Brand Manager Julie Lardieg explained: “We’re so pleased to be supporting Look Good Feel Better with our campaign this year. The work they do as a charity helps many women to rebuild their confidence and come to terms with changes in the way they look, which plays an important role in helping women accept their scars.”

Look Good Feel Better’s Ian Daniels added: “Bio-Oil’s Scars Uncovered campaign is all about empowering women and helping them to feel more confident, which is exactly what we do at Look Good Feel Better.

The money donated will enable us to help even more women and teenagers combat the visible side-effects of their cancer treatment.”