BioLumen Firm: Harnessing the Power of UV Light for 
Anti-Ageing Effect


Arch Personal Care launches new anti-ageing active

Arch Personal Care Products is pleased to introduce the revolutionary new anti-ageing active, BioLumen Firm (Assigned INCI Name: Yeast Amino Acids (and) Tricalcium Phosphate (and) Morinda Citrifolia Extract). This patent-pending product is based on a yeast amino acid rich powder comprised of a Morinda citrifoloria polyphenolic coating on an inert substrate which harnesses the power of UV light and in turn uses this energy to illicit an anti-ageing skin effect.

Through in vitro testing it has been demonstrated that in the presence of UVB light – BioLumen Firm increases elastin synthesis by over 50% compared to untreated samples. An anti-ageing In vivo study is in process currently with BioLumen Firm, to confirm its efficacy in diminishing the visible signs of ageing. It is ideal for face creams, lotion, eye-creams and all anti-ageing products. Recommended use level is 1-5%

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