Boosting speed-to-market safely

How can companies get products to market faster while ensuring regulatory compliance and a safe result? Asks Ithos Global

In today’s competitive environment, time-to-market is critical to success.

Streamlined processes and systems to collect, store and access required product, regulatory and toxicological information lead to timely information exchange, reduced inefficiencies and fewer delays.

Ultimately, these capabilities get your new products into the marketplace faster and 100% compliant.

Global expansion

The global cosmetics market is growing at 6% per year, and is projected to reach €585bn by 2020 (Business Wire). Competition is fierce.

With increasing pressure to entice new customers and retain existing ones, brands and manufacturers rely on product innovation and expansion into new regions to remain relevant and competitive.

New product development (NPD) cycle time goals are shrinking as consumer and customer expectations, as well as competitive pressures, increase.

At the same time companies are working to compress the time for product launches, regulations and documentation requirements are increasing.

These are common speed bumps on the NPD fast track that hinder product launches: . . .

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