Boys will be boys

How can brands successfully market to 16-24 year old males? KMI Brands Ltd. provides an example of one approach.

According to a 2013 Mintel report, the UK grooming category has increased by 12% from £512m in 2007 to £590m in 2013. Men are now getting into grooming at a much younger age and spending more money on grooming products compared to ten years ago. The 16-24 year old male consumer is particularly valuable to the grooming industry, since men in general tend to be more brand loyal and will often buy the same brands and products throughout the decades.

When purchasing grooming products the 16-24 year old male consumer is much more experimental and adventurous, and they tend to buy a wider range of products than older consumers – 58% of UK men aged 18-24 now use facial moisturisers on a daily basis, compared with just 32% aged 55-64. You would be more likely to find facial moisturisers, cleansers and eye serums in their bathroom cabinets. As well as skin care, we’re also seeing a trend for more sophisticated shaving products in the form of gels, balms and oils. The Ted’s Grooming Room range offers Shave Gel, Shave Cream and a Post Shave Balm while King of Shaves now sells a Shaving Serum and Hybrid Shave Oil. Times are changing and the male grooming industry is expanding and evolving every day.

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