Brazil\'s cosmetics market shows growth potential, says Abihpec


Market now accounts for 9% of global share, thanks to double digit growth in 2012

The Brazilian cosmetics market is holding firm, taking a 9.6% share of the consumer market, according to the latest figures from the Brazilian Association of Toiletries, Perfumes & Cosmetics, Abihpec. The association said the US accounted for 15.9% of the global market, with Japan taking 10.9%

Brazil maintained double digit growth in 2012 of 15.62% in 2012 growing from US$14.9bn in 2011 to US$17.2bn in 2012, maintaining real average growth in the last five years at about 10%. In consumer prices the industry remained at US$42bn (up 0.3% and equivalent to 1.8% of national GDP).

"Among the factors that facilitated the double digit growth in the last 17 years is the increase in life expectancy, the expansion of the class C, the modernisation of factories and productivity gains," said Abihpec President, Joao Carlos Basilio.

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In terms of sales, the fragrance category earned US$2.73bn (15.9% of total revenue) and deodorants had a result of US$1.67bn (9.7% of total revenue), making them both front runners at a global level. Hair care results were US$3,9bn; male grooming came in at US$2.08bn and the children's sector was worth US$660m, making them the three fastest-growing categories.