Breast enlargement TV advert ruled 'irresponsible'

By Lucy Tandon Copp 21-Apr-2017

UK watchdog said MYA Cosmetic Surgery's ad was likely to cause harm to those under 18

A TV ad for MYA Cosmetic Surgery has been banned by UK advertising watchdog the ASA, after it ruled that the content was irresponsible and likely to cause harm to under-18s.

The ad promoting breast enhancement surgery aired on 16 January and featured four conversations among women who had undergone procedures.

Two women were filmed in a jacuzzi wearing bikinis with one saying that she used to be “so nervous” wearing a bikini in public but post-surgery feels fine.

The women were also captured discussing the negative perceptions they had of their breasts prior to surgery including concerns that they had been “saggy”, “out of proportion” and “of different sizes”.

A viewer challenged whether the ad exploited young women’s insecurities about their appearance – a concern that the ASA ultimately agreed with.

MYA Cosmetic Surgery argued that the ad had an 18+ disclaimer and that its scheduling was restricted meaning that it was not shown during or adjacent to children’s programmes or shows aimed at under-18s.

However, the ASA sided with the complainant saying the ad might encourage viewers, especially young women and teens, to dwell on their own image-related insecurities.

It also said that it would likely cause women to question how they feel wearing a bikini in public.

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As a result, the ad was ruled to be in breach of BCAP Code rules 1.2 (social responsibility) and 4.1 (harm and offence), and ordered not to appear again in its current form.